Booze Burner was developed using solid scientific facts based on chemistry, biochemistry and a knowledge of the human body's natural processes of alcohol detoxification.

Technical Information

The Science Behind Booze Burner

WARNING: The information below contains fairly advanced scientific information for those with a technical background who are interested in the processes involved that allow Booze Burner to more rapidly remove alcohol from the body. It provides evidence that Booze Burner is based on real science and biochemical processes, not new age mumbo jumbo. Be warned that many other "hangover capsules" on the market do NOT have Booze Burner's effectiveness despite their claims to the contrary.

1. Alcohol Metabolism

The very basic pathway is that ethanol (1) is initially converted (via an oxidation process) into ethanal (also known as acetalaldehyde), (2) and subsequently into ethanoic acid (also known as acetic acid or more commonly as vinegar), (3) by a subsequent oxidation (see Figure 1 below). 1

The body processes all of these compounds (typically using enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase (4) (ADH, EC  and aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (5) but it is essential that the ethanal is converted into ethanoic acid since ethanal is a reactive aldehyde which is a mild toxin (so is 3 but to a lesser extent) which contribute to the ill effects of a hangover.

Figure 1. Basic Metabolism of ethanol:

A cofactor (or coenzyme) also assists these reactions known as Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (or NAD+).  Alcohol dehydrogenase can also reduce acetaldehyde back to ethanol (the reverse reaction involving NADH).  Although the production of ethanol occurs naturally in the body as a waste product of sugar metabolism, the accumulation of ethanol is toxic to the organisms that produce it. 3

Mammals produce the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase to metabolize ethanol that is produced by intestinal bacteria and also in the liver (and in the lining of the stomach).  The production of NADH will build up and disrupt a cell’s balance of NAD+ and NADH.  The accumulation of NADH can drive the lactate dehydrogenase reaction towards lactate production which can divert pyruvate from other pathways like gluconeogenesis which can impair the ability of the liver to supply glucose to other tissues and the brain (so we need a way to lower the work load on the liver).

"Natural/Green" Methods:

Natural Enzymes have recently been shown to oxidize primary alcohols to carboxylic acids in water 4  without the accumulation of aldehydes.  It was with that knowledge where we began.

2. The Treatment

There are a couple of approaches that one could take to push these reactions to completion (using La Chatelier’s principle).  The two approaches are outlined below:

a) All Natural: Use all key components which are naturally occurring in the human body to lower the strain put on the liver.

1) Although alcohol dehydrogenase (4) and Aldehyde dehydrohydrogenase (5) are available, they would need to be kept cold and administered in a way where the degraded or destruction of them could happen if digested.

2) NAD+ can be available as nicotinamide

b) Natural Enzymes:

1) Our proprietary blend of Active Natural Enzymes (ANE) can be used as a nutritional supplement (which contains protein, amino acids, complex B vitamins  and minerals (selenium, zinc, magnesium and chromium) 5 known to enhance metabolism 6).

Not only will this proprietary blend of ANE help you digest alcohol and its intermediate, it has been recently been discovered by a  research team at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science to be a promising, natural therapy for cancer (specifically breast, tongue, colon, and skin cancers). 7

3. Additional ingredients for the synergistic treatment and to work in concert with the ANE:

a. Vitamin B12 – can become depleted when drinking. It is a water soluble vitamin (hence the suggestion for drinking a glass of water with Booze Burner) and plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain, nervous system, and for the formation of blood. 8

b. Vitamin C – powerful anti-oxidant, cofactor in eight enzymatic reactions, very low toxicity.

c. Vitamin E – fat-soluble antioxidant.  A shortage can cause neurological problems. 9

d. Zinc Chloride – a source of Zn2+ cations for catalysis of about 100 enzymes {including alcohol dehydrogenase}, maintains immune systems, needed for wound healing, mental alertness, needed for DNA synthesis (good during pregnancy, ovulation and helps sperm develop). 10

e. Cysteine – will complex acetylaldehyde (2) to form N-acetyl-cysteine.

f. No Sugar – one of the by products of sugar digestion is …more alcohol.  Not a smart idea to include it!

g. Potassium – needed to maintain a proper level as it contributes for the proper functioning of your muscles (and heart) and helps carry electrical information throughout your body.  As you drink, you will lose some potassium so to have it topped up is a great idea!

4. Comparison to other products (most are hangover remedies)

Factually, most of these products are simply “dietary supplements” and do nothing to actually eliminate the alcohol in the body. Hangovers are induced by acetaldehyde intoxication, hypoglycemia, dehydration and vitamin B12 deficiency. 11  The true fact is that your body needs water (“take a capsule with water” are typical directions) and time to cure a hangover, and these products often simply attempt to replace some of these missing nutrients or try to absorb toxins with activated charcoal (a very slow method at best).

a. Chaser plus – discontinued. (Company now focused on selling 5-hour energy)

b. No Hang – website has disappeared

c. Hangoverstopper – activated carbon is the active ingredient.

d. Cheerzhangover – some good ingredients but also contains SUGAR, which turns into alcohol when digested, sodium benzoate (a preservative), sucralose (a form of sugar), acesulfame potassium (artificial sugar which may affect prenatal development and has been shown to have carcinogenic effects in mice), and some artificial colors! Do you really want to put this in your body?!

e. – website has disappeared

f. Drinkin' Mate – Wild Guava leaf Extract (rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C) so basically, vitamin C.  Also, sorbitol (artificial sugar, sugar, and artificial colors).

g. RU-21 – Vitamin C, B2, B6, other good amino acids and …Dextrose – a SUGAR!! They claim to “cure hangovers” …our lawyers would have fun roasting them on that.

h. Anti-Alochol Antioxidants – Many good vitamins, amino acids, but some bizarre esoteric ingredients like chlorophylin, grapeseed extract, picroliv (no known medicial evidence), barley grass juice (source of B vitamins).

So why not just get the stuff that works specifically for the digestion of alcohol? Try Booze Burner today!




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