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What types of people use Booze Burner?

Booze Burner is a natural nutrition-based remedy for anyone who enjoys alcohol but doesn't want to suffer the agonies of a hangover. It lets you be sharp and alert the next day, without the usual nasty aftereffects alcohol can create. Booze Burner is used regularly by:

  • Students
  • Office Workers
  • Business Executives
  • Actors and Film Crews
  • Truck Drivers
  • Musicians
  • Construction Workers
  • and many others...

In short, Booze Burner is a vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplement that allows you to drink (within reason) and avoid the penalties of a pounding head and mental confusion that usually results from having one or more too many the night before.


BOOZE BURNER IS NOT A LICENSE TO DRINK AND DRIVE. It will not instantly make you sober enough to drive after a night of partying. As always, use caution and good judgement when operating a motor vehicle. We recommend that if you drink, don't drive.

Booze Burner single packet containing 2 capsules. Booze Burner 3-Pack for a night of partying. Booze Burner 12-packet box, the most economical way to order.

Single 2-capsule packet
Fits in your pocket,
purse or wallet



Party 3-Pack
Three individual packets,
containing a total of
6 capsules


Box of 12 packets
Contains one dozen
packets for a total of
24 capsules


Instead of hungover – you can feel bright, alert and well-rested the next day – with Booze Burner...

The Anti-Hangover Solution that provides sound nutritional support to assist your body to burn off the alcohol you consumed the night before

Avoid hangovers the next morning because Booze Burner works with your body to cleans alcohol from your system.Drinking alcoholic beverages depletes your body of vital nutrients and water. This is why many people experience the awful symptoms of a hangover the following morning — their livers haven't been able to properly eliminate it from their bodies. When drinking alcoholic beverages, the body needs additional nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins to prevent hangover and to eliminate alcohol faster. Such an anti-hangover solution avoids the symptoms of a hangover in the morning. Why feel awful when you can be bright, alert and on top of your game?

Booze Burner helps your liver to detoxify your blood, removing alcohol at a faster rate.Booze Burner is a hangover recovery aid that helps your liver to detoxify your blood, removing alcohol at a faster rate.
Booze Burner™ helps by replenishing essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are destroyed by excess alcohol. It assists the liver to do its job of detoxifying the blood, breaking down the alcohol and strengthening the liver, thereby enabling you to drink without suffering with a hangover the next-morning. Booze Burner hangover recovery aid comes in a convenient 2-capsule packet that fits easily in your wallet, purse or pocket so you can take it with you whenever you might have the occasion to have a drink — and avoid the possibility of a hangover the next day.


Scientifically developed by a chemist and a biochemist

Booze Burner is an innovative New Enzyme Supplement that assists the breakdown and elimination of alcohol inside your body.

The developers, trained scientists in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry, were having a few drinks one evening when the idea struck them as to how to enjoy a reasonable amount of alcohol and not suffer adverse effects of it the next morning. Over the next 6 months they worked out a formulation that would help speed up the body's ability to break down alcohol, and Booze Burner was the result.

They wanted to find a natural way to break down alcohol that decreased or minimized the stress on the liver — the main blood detoxifying organ in the body. Since each individual ingredient in Booze Burner has been granted FDA approval, the product is reliable and safe to use. There are NO adverse side-effects or toxicity, as this product is made from naturally occurring ingredients, not chemicals. Some users have also reported enhanced sexual stamina, although this point has not been scientifically tested in the lab as yet.

Taking Booze Burner is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

STEP ONE: Before drinking (or as soon as you remember), drink a glass of water and a packet (2 capsules) of Booze Burner

STEP TWO: After 3 drinks, take another glass of water and another packet (2 capsules).

STEP THREE: If you lose count after that, then at the end of the night (before you go to bed) take another glass of water and 1 more packet (2 capsules). At this point you will have taken three packets (6 capsules).

Booze Burner has been tested successfully as described above, and it really works! Get your packets of Booze Burner today.

All Natural Ingredients—Not a Pharmaceutical

Booze Burner is all natural stuff based on nutrition rather than chemicals trying to trick your body. Here is the actual list of Booze Burner's ingredients:


Serving Size: 2 capsules


Vitamin C (111% DV), Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol) (67% DV), Thiamin (1500%), Niacin (as nicotinamide) (63% DV), Vitamin B12 (10,417% DV), Calcium (as calcium carbonate) (2% DV), Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) (7% DV), Chloride (as potassium chloride) (1% DV), Potassium (as potassium chloride) (1% DV), Proprietary blend of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, Milk Thistle Dried Extract (Seed) Standardized to 80% Silymarin, NADH, ATP, L-cysteine, catalase, superoxide dismutase 760 mg.

Dr. Andy Skauge

Chris Snow

The Booze Burner packet has 2 capsules that help your liver work harder to eliminate alcohol, with no hangover.

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