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Booze Burner anti-hangover packet. Your solution to being able to drink, with no morning headaches.Does Booze Burner really work?

YES! Consuming alcoholic beverages depletes your body of vital nutrients and water. Booze Burner helps by replenishing these essential vitamins and minerals that are lost, and boosts the body’s ability to break down alcohol. It comes in a convenient size that fits easily in your pocket, wallet or purse so you can always have it with you!

Are there any negative side effects?

NO! Booze Burner has been specially formulated with all natural ingredients your body needs that are safe and effective. Booze Burner does not contain any caffeine or sugar nor any drugs. It is not a pharmaceutical product.

What is in Booze Burner?

All natural ingredients! See for yourself. Everything in here is formulated to aid the metabolism of alcohol … and it is all good for you too!

Is Booze Burner FDA approved?

Since Booze Burner is a blend of all-natural ingredients which are already Food and Drug Administration approved, additional approval is not required. FDA approval is only necessary for new molecules. For added peace of mind, we had an FDA lawyer verify our Booze Burner blend to be in compliance with the rules and regulations set out by the FDA. Furthermore, because we are diligent about putting out a top quality product, Booze Burner was manufactured in an FDA regulated facility so you can rest assured that the product you are getting is safe.

How long does Booze Burner take to be effective? Booze Burner helps burn off the alcohol in your blood stream faster than it would normally do so. Wake up with no hangover.

Since everyone digests at a different rate, we can’t provide an exact amount of time, however, some test subjects had measurable effects in under one hour. Booze Burner contains vitamins and minerals that may be absorbed at different rates by different people depending on their age, weight, gender, metabolism and general health. It is important to prepare your system by taking Booze Burner at the start of your beverage consumption just to be safe. Take as directed. For optimal results, we suggest taking 2 Booze Burner capsules at the start, middle and end of your alcoholic beverage consumption.

How many drinks will Booze Burner burn off?

Booze Burner gets rid of the alcohol in your syztem FASTER!It varies depending on a person's age, weight, gender, metabolism and general health. Booze Burner will help metabolize alcohol at a faster rate than without it. Booze Burner is a a vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplement. Be sure to take as directed for best results.

How often can I use Booze Burner and what does it affect?

We recommend that you use no more than six capsules per day as the ingredients are very powerful. Although you do not need to take it every day (you likely will not be drinking every day), the formulation is all-natural and may improve your overall health. Some of the key ingredients were found by researchers at Charles Drew University department of Science and Medicine to have beneficial effects on the colon, skin, tongue and breasts. Other ingredients aid mental clarity. Booze Burner's ingredients replace nutrients depleted during drinking or vigorous exercise. In short, Booze Burner is good for you whether you drink or not!

Do I need to drink water with Booze Burner?

Take Booze Burner with some water and eliminate hangovers.No, but it is very highly recommended that you do so. Since drinking alcohol tends to dehydrate (dry out) the body, drinking a glass of water with a standard dose (2 capsules) of Booze Burner is highly recommended.

Where is Booze Burner made?

It is proudly manufactured in California in the United States from the finest natural ingredients containing vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are actually healthy for your body. It is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and packaged in a modern factory.

Can I take Booze Burner and then drive?

Don't drink and drive. Use Booze Burner to wake up feeling great.NO! BOOZE BURNER IS NOT A LICENSE TO DRINK AND DRIVE. IT WILL NOT PREVENT YOU FROM BEING ARRESTED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL. You are responsible for your own actions. Although this product will assist you in burning off the alcohol faster than without it, we do not endorse drinking and driving. If you are curious about your possible level of getting close to a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of near .08%, we recommend purchasing a personal breathalyzer. Note that some states are thinking of lowering the blood alcohol content level so it would be a good idea to keep some Booze Burner in your wallet or purse and have it when you drink. Some Canadian provinces have already imposed harsh penalties at BAC levels of just .05%.

What if I don’t drink? Is Booze Burner still good for me?

Yes. Even if you don’t drink, you can still benefit from Booze Burner since it is packed full of vitamins, electrolytes, and enzymes it can give you a great energy boost without the “crash” from sugar (since Booze Burner is sugar-free) and no jitter from caffeine. Keep some Booze Burner in your pocket, wallet or purse.

Are there any other health benefits to taking Booze Burner? Booze Burner is just good nutrition, even if you don't drink.

YES! Not only will Booze Burner boost your energy with its natural vitamins and enzymes, it also contains some ingredients that have additional health benefits. In fact, Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum and researchers from the Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, California have recently (February 2, 2010) presented findings about an ingredient in Booze Burner that proactively kills certain cancer cells. Specifically, when colon, skin, tongue and breast cancer cells were exposed to this ingredient, those cancer cells died! He went on further to inject this ingredient inside the tumors of mice and, again he observed a decrease in the size of the tumor mass. So with that, the energy benefits, plus the electrolytes available, it would be a good idea to take some Booze Burner!

How alcohol affects the brain

Some friends in Australia have put together a great video called "Alcohol and Your Brain:

How does it work?

What is the shelf life of Booze Burner?

About 15+ years. It is hermetically sealed and the compounds in there have very slow degradation if any.

What is your refund and return policy?

If you happen to get a defective product (ie. no capsules in the packet), return the unopened product-less packet. We will send you a replacement at no cost to you. If you don't get your product in a reasonably timely manner, we will refund you for the product and shipping.

What does Booze Burner taste like?

Nothing. It is contained in a capsule. We highly recommend not chewing it as it contains fine powders.

Where is Booze Burner manufactured?

In the USA at an FDA approved facility in California or New York (depending on which facility can get us the product in a timely manner. Hopefully, no more pandemics to slow down production.)


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