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You can now purchase Booze Burner Supplements directly from our web site. Click on the Add to Cart buttons below then specify the quantity and your credit card information. All transactions take place on and are protected by PayPal. Call us if you have any questions at (323) 454-3777.

Booze Burner Products:

Booze Burner 2-capsule packet.

Single Pack

Contains 2 Booze Burner capsules. Fits in your pocket, purse or wallet.


Booze Burner 12-packet box.

Box of 12 Packets

Each packet contains 2 Booze Burner capsules for a total of 24 capsules.

UPC: 10793573912173


Party Pack

Contains 3 packets of Booze Burner. A total of 6 capsules.

UPC: 793572912176


Booze Burner tshirts
Booze Burner tshirts

Booze Burner

These are high-quality women's and men's white t-shirts with the famous Booze Burner logo emblazoned on the front.










Booze Burner 3-packets.

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